About us

CAISMA-KMIT : Who are we ?

Bringing together the leading IT experts in Spain and Europe with a combined experience of over 20 years, CAISMA-KMIT was born of the need for an IT company capable of delivering expertise on a tight timeline with results of the highest quality.

CAISMA-KMIT is the initiative of a group of professionals that have worked together on international projects of large dimensions within multicultural teams and who share the same vision of a quality oriented company capable of delivering a rapid response. Despite the recent creation of the company, our portfolio of clientes already includes several important companies in Spain and France within the area of Monitorization.

Additionally, we also count amongst our numbers a team of diverse profiles and expertise, who, as a whole, form a powerful machine for the development of IT projects.

Amongst our catalogue of services we offer:

  • Pre-sale Development Proposals
  • IT architecture Design
  • We offer assets with profiles geared towards project development of monitorization for outsourcing
  • Custom developments designed specifically for clients needs
  • Small-scale solutions for diverse IT problems
  • Training in Solutions

CAISMA-KMIT is not only another IT service provider, but a strategic ally who can provide high quality integral solutions and with whom you can establish a relationship based on trust.